b9e4f7484b85cb0c2652dbd1fc01b772Everyone would like to have naturally straight teeth, but nature is not always on our side. In fact, few people have perfectly straight teeth by nature, while in the rest we find small or large deviations from the ideal. We think that a genuine smile is always ‘ideal’ and beautiful even if the teeth are not perfectly straight, but to those who are bothered by that, orthodontic treatment can offer them an even better smile.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment, however, extend to more than what we ‘see’. Improved chewing capacity and speech, better oral hygiene conditions, relief from habits such as prolonged finger/thumb-sucking, are some of these benefits.

Therefore, the aim of the orthodontic treatment is the balanced combination of aesthetics and function of the teeth, the jaws and the face overall. An orthodontist should be able to form a realistic treatment plan for each patient that meets not only the orthodontic needs, but also the personal expectations, so the final result will reflect the uniqueness of the patient.