orthodontic appliances

Orthodontic appliances can be generally divided into:

  • removable (can be removed from the mouth from the patient, e.g. plate)
  • fixed (are attached to the teeth with dental adhesive and cannot be removed from the patient, e.g. typical 'braces')

Additional orthodontic devices and auxiliaries (extraoral appliances/headgear, interarch elastics, orthodontic mini-implants), are sometimes necessary to achieve the optimal orthodontic result.

When there is a high demand for aesthetic appliances , the following options can be considered:

  • Acrylic or ceramic braces (''white'' braces)
  • Lingual technique ( metal braces placed on the lingual surface of the teeth)
  • Removable transparent  aligners (invisalign, clear aligners)

The type and sequence of orthodontic appliances for each patient, is determined and included in the patient's individual orthodontic treatment plan.

σιδεράκια - κινητή εξωστοματική συσκευή

σιδεράκια - λαστιχακια

σιδεράκια - εμφυτεύματα

σιδεράκια - ακίνητη συσκευή διεύρυνσης

σιδεράκια - ακίνητη υπερώια δοκός

σιδεράκια - ακίνητο γλωσσικό τόξο