Finished the treatment

…and I use my retainer


After the end of the active phase of orthodontic treatment, the phase of retention starts, namely, the maintenance of the orthodontic result.

This stage is very important, because the teeth and, in some cases, the jaws have a relapse tendency that decreases over time.

The retention devices comprise of removable plates, mostly used in the upper jaw and of a fixed orthodontic wire placed on the lingual surface of the lower and sometimes of the upper front teeth.


The type and the time of retention period for each patient is included in the patient’s initial orthodontic treatment plan.

…and I don’t miss the orthodontic check-ups

During the retentive phase of treatment, the visits to the orthodontist become less frequent, but they are still necessary , so that we can check the condition of the retention appliances and of the dentition in general.


…and I smile!