Started the treatment

…and I brush my teeth more carefully


A beautiful smile is above all a healthy smile. It is essential for a successful treatment outcome to maintain a high level of oral hygiene. It is also true that orthodontic appliances (the fixed ones) present an obstacle while brushing the teeth. To overcome this difficulty it is needed to increase the time and pay more attention when cleaning the teeth and gums.

Removable appliances should be taken out of the mouth and cleaned separately.

The day that we place the orthodontic devices (fixed or removable), we will thoroughly explain and demonstrate how to take care of your teeth and appliances.

…and I am careful when eating


This instruction applies to the fixed orthodontic appliances that can get loose when biting to something hard or sticky. When braces become loose frequently, discomfort or irritation may occur in the mouth. The duration of treatment can also be prolonged. Along with the oral hygiene instructions, the day the fixed appliances will be placed in the mouth you will receive detailed instructions about eating with the braces. Removable appliances are removed during meals.

The basic rule to keep in mind is that you can eat everything, but more carefully. Hard ,crunchy or sticky food is advisable to cut into smaller pieces before eating. Chewing gum and candies are also not ‘friendly’ towards the braces.

…and I continue sports and musical activities


Sports are naturally allowed during orthodontic treatment. If you have braces and a sports injury occurs, soft tissues (lips, cheeks) can easier get hurt. Depending on the intensity and degree of physical contact (e.g., basketball, martial arts, etc.), we can discuss the use of mouth guard or ,when you have removable appliances, removing them during sports.

If you play a wind instrument, you will probably find it difficult to play for some days until you adjust to the new condition in your mouth. The more regular you practice, the sooner you will overcome this difficulty.

… I can still visit my dentist

Being under orthodontic treatment is not a contraindication for some dental work. Actually it is often recommended, especially for professional cleaning/scaling of the teeth and gingiva.

… I have a problem with the appliances


You should contact the clinic and depending on the problem we will give you the appropriate instructions. Not all emergencies require that you visit the orthodontic clinic immediately.

”The start is hard”


As can be easily seen, with the onset of the orthodontic treatment new conditions apply to the oral environment. Every person responds and evaluates differently the difficulties of the first days of treatment. Some patients find it more difficult to clean the teeth and gums, others feel strong pressure and discomfort of the teeth, and those who use removable appliances can experience difficulty with the speech. Patience and persistence are the keys to overcome faster the troublesome first days of the orthodontic treatment and continue the daily activities as usual.